I've been a dog lover ever since I can remember. When I was growing up in Warsaw, my parents long resisted getting a dog, expecting that most of the responsibilities of having one would fall on them. I did what I could, walking and playing with dogs that belonged to our friends. Finally, my parents relented, and we got our first dog, a Welsh Terrier bitch that we named Drapcia.

When I went off to college and moved out of my parents' house, I immediately started dreaming about my own dog. I loved Welsh Terriers, but I felt I needed a bigger dog... and so I got my first Airedale. That was in 1973, and what followed was years of dog training, dog shows, breeding, and collaboration with some of the top American kennels. When in the 1980's my career took me from the East Coast to California, the Silicon Valley rat race made me drastically scale back my dog activities, although at least one Airedale lived with me at all times.

In 2001 I moved from California to Warsaw, Poland, accompanied -- of course! -- by a young Airedale named Misia. Having more free time once again, I started taking part in dog shows and dog training with Misia. In 2004, Misia gave birth to our first Polish litter, which we named starting with the letter "A" (in Poland, the registered names of all puppies in a given litter must start with the same letter). The sire of this litter was an outstanding American stud dog, US and Canadian Champion, Greefield's Captain Jack. Unfortunately, a subsequent attempt to breed Misia was unsuccessful, but on April 30, 2010, Misia's daughter from the "A" litter, Api (Ch. PL. Mł. Ch. PL, PT Flaire ANNAPURNA), became the mother of our second Polish litter, which we chose to name starting with the letter "K". The sire this time was Guinness, a very titled, accomplished show dog and stud (Int. Ch., US & Can. Ch., Ch. PL, EST, MDV, multiple Group and BIS winner Stirling Tunes of Glory), who was on loan to us from Stirling Kennels in the US. One of the girls from this litter, Flaire KARPATKA (Ptysia) has stayed with us. What's next? Only future will tell...

I often get asked why, having moved back to Poland, I continue to breed American lines. Mainly because, having spent nearly my whole life in America, I've known and followed those lines for nearly forty years. The ancestors of my current dogs are dogs that I knew and loved when I was starting in the breed. And perhaps because of that, the "American type" of Airedale simply appeals to me -- and not just to me: American Airedales are winning dog shows all over the world, including in England, where the breed originated.

But shows aren't everything. I've always believed that a tired Airedale is a well-behaved Airedale, and so my dogs are always "doing something". Obedience, tracking, agility -- we've done it all! Working with dogs is a lot of fun both for both sides. It has given me a lot of satisfaction, and has helped me communicate with my dogs on a whole new level.

This web page is meant to share with you my love for Airedale Terriers. I want it to chronicle the Polish chapter of my adventure with this wonderful breed. And so -- welcome to our adventure!

Hania Gajewska, Lotti, and Ptysia



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